Cat Ceramic Tiles

Colorful Tiles with Cat Images by Artists Claudia Sanchez, Ping, Laura Seeley, Pumpkin and others.

Explore our gallery of handcrafted ceramic tiles with cat art by various artists. Because we know everyone has different tastes, styles or home decor, we offer a variety of designs.

We have colorful and fun cat ceramic tiles by artist Claudia Sanchez, quirky cats by the award-winning illustrator/artist Laura Seeley, whimsical cats by artist Ping, and the more realistic cats by Pumpkin.

Do you sometimes see tiny lines on your tiles? These are not cracks!  Special glazes are applied to the surface of the tile, which is then baked in a ceramic firing oven.  Sometimes tiny lines will appear, or a slight crackle look, called "crazing" which is normal in the process, not a flaw in the ceramic Each tile will vary slightly in colors and lines. NO two tiles are exactly alike. 

The 6" x 6" and 8" x 8" cat ceramic tiles come with fiberboard backing and include an easel stand.  The 8" x 12" cat tiles come with a cork backing. The 4" x 4" tiles are great to use as coasters. All tiles are suitable for hanging or can be used as a trivet.  

About the artist Claudia Sanchez    About the artist Laura Seeley   About the artist Ping