Cat Metal Pendulum Table Clock, Orange

Was: $42.99
Now: $32.00

Unique triangle shaped cat metal table clock with a pendulum movement near the top. Orange colored with white accents and a black and white polka dot grosgrain ibbon tie around it's neck.

The cat clock stands 10 inches tall and about 4 1/2 inches wide. The pendulum movement is attached on the backside. (see photo). The rustic style Oxidos clocks are made from recycled metal scrap and are hand-painted, making each clock slightly different in color.

Battery operated (battery not included) and packaged in a decorated gift box, ready for gift giving.

Oxidos practices the principal of Fair Trade. The name Oxidos comes from the process of oxidation used to create the rusted patina on the metal prior to painting.

 Operation Instructions

  • Install a new battery in the quartz movement to activate.
  • Turn the knob on the back of the movement, to move the hands to the correct time.
  • Never set the clock by moving the Hour Hand on its own. This will damage the mechanism and invalidate the guarantee.
  • For wall clock, hang it from the hanger making sure the mechanism itself is vertical so that the pendulum can swing evenly on either side of the hump on the bottom of the mechanism, taking into account that some models are asymmetrical and may need to be slightly tilted to one side or the other to achieve the proper balance. Make sure you use a strong, firmly fixed screw or nail. Tilt it slightly upward to hold the clock tight into the wall.
  • The battery should be changed after approximately one year. If the pendulum stops, this is your notice to replace the battery for a new one.
  • If a clock hand looses, push it firmly back down the white shaft.