Face Masks with Cat Prints, Buy 3 Pack and Save

Was: $12.00
Now: $4.00

Special new cat print face protective masks in lightweight cotton poplin. Each one is 2 layers with a pouch opening for placement of filter material.  The inside wire piece helps shape to your nose and hold it in place.

What makes these masks special? They are made by Syrian refugee mothers! A business friend of mine owns a social enterprise that employees the women working in Turkey to sew the masks, plus children's toys. This gives these women the opportunity to support their families. It's an honor for me to help support them. 

Below is a photo of one of the women sewing masks.

The cat prints are available individually, or with a savings when you purchase the assorted pack. 

  • 100% cotton poplin
  • 2 layers with pouch for filter
  • Wire piece at nose
  • Comfortable elastic around your ears
  • 3 cat print designs