Pet Cat Collar "Bizarre Love Triangle", Tribal Geometric Design

Was: $13.99
Now: $7.00

Attractive geometric design on cat or kitten breakawy* collar. It is 3/8" wide with an adjustable length. It sports a small silver bell which can be removed if wanted. A mint colored flower corsage can be added for a complete fashion statement for your kitty.

The design has a clean look and the collar is strong, lightweight and made in the USA. Choose your cat or kitten size when ordering.


*From the Manufacturer:

What is the difference between a Breakaway / Safety buckle and a Non-Breakaway one?

Both our Breakaway and Non-Breakaway Buckles look virtually the same as what you see in the product photos, but they work differently. The breakaway type is the more common version used for cat collars. It's also commonly called a 'Safety' or 'Quick Release' collar — when tugged on (with a decent amount of pressure), the buckle auto-releases to allow the pet to easily escape in an emergency without a human's aid. This could be beneficial if a cat had its collar stuck on something (like a fence, or in a fight with another animal outside, etc.). 

The Non-Breakaway buckle type is most typical for dog collars -- it does NOT release when tugged at. Only a human can open it. This type is important to have if you plan to walk your pet on a leash.

We have many cat & dog owners who purchase the Non-Breakaway buckles because they either intend to walk their pet on a leash outside or prefer to avoid the possibility of losing their pet collars inside or outside. Ultimately - the decision is up to you.