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Questions About Cat Collar Sizing & Other Collar Information



Sizes of Cat Collars at Georgia's Gifts:

KITTEN (6 inches to 10 inches)- Fits kittens and smaller adult cats, approximately 4-10 lbs.

ADULT CATS (8 inches-13 inches)- Fits cats approximately 8-18 lbs. Suitable for average-sized + larger cats. 

How To Measure Your Pet's Neck Size:

To measure your pet's current neck size, use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string (then measure the tape or string with a straight ruler). Allow enough extra room to fit two of your fingers between the collar and your pet's neck. This will ensure your pet's comfort when wearing the collar.

Is Your Cat Between Sizes?

If your pet is in between sizes and still growing, get the larger of the two options you are considering. If your pet is done growing, contact us with the sizing and we will check with the manufacturer about a modified size to correctly fit your pet.

What The Collars Are Made Of?:

The collars are made in the USA with quality materials for a clean look, meaning no loose threads or scratchy bits that would irritate your cat. The fabric is strong, lightweight with ribbon or fabric for the design style of the collar and durable nylon webbing for the backing.

The cat collars include a metal split ring for attaching the bells (or other tags & charms) plus a metal adjuster.

What is the difference between a Breakaway/Safety buckle and a Non-Breakaway one?

Both the Breakaway and Non-Breakaway Buckles look virtually the same, but they work differently. The breakaway type is the more common version used for cat collars. It's also commonly called a 'Safety' or 'Quick Release' collar — when tugged on (with a decent amount of pressure), the buckle auto-releases to allow the pet to easily escape in an emergency without a human's aid. This could be beneficial if a cat had its collar stuck on something (like a fence, or in a fight with another animal outside, etc.). 

The Non-Breakaway buckle type is most typical for dog collars -- it does NOT release when tugged at. Only a human can open it. This type is important to have if you plan to walk your pet on a leash.

Many cat & dog owners purchase the Non-Breakaway buckles because they either intend to walk their pet on a leash outside or prefer to avoid the possibility of losing their pet collars inside or outside. Ultimately - the decision is up to you.