"A Cat Never Tells" Illustrated Book by Laura Seeley, FREE SHIPPING in US


SPECIAL OFFER! This keepsake book is signed by the author herself, Laura Seeley!  Included into the price is a color 5x5 illustrated art card from the book, plus FREE SHIPPING. Hurry, we have a limited supply and will ship right away.

Heartwarming book that celebrates the love we have for our cats. The lyrical story is filled with humor and magical illustrations by the author and artist, Laura Seeley. This is a keepsake book you will want to give to a cat lover and keep one for yourself! 

This 80 page, 8x8 art gift book tells the story of a cat owner and her special bond with a beautiful, silky black cat. When the cat goes missing, we hear of the storytellers anxiety and sadness about possibly losing her beloved pet. You will definitely shed a few tears along with her.

We will not spoil it by telling the ending. And neither will the author, as the title says, "A Cat Never Tells".

What a "purrfect" gift for your cat lover. Also makes a lovely coffee table book.


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