Cat Magnet Set, Orange Cat

Was: $11.99
Now: $9.00

A sweet set of three wooden magnets. The larger magnet, 3" x 4" features an Orange cat design. A heart shaped one has "I Love My Cat" sentiment and a 2' x 2" one with "Life is Better With Cats" sentiment. The Orange cat design is replicated from original artwork painted onto burlap canvas, giving it a unique depth and texture. 

The 3 magnets are packaged on a 5.5" x 6.5" galvanized metal backer card which is handy for storing magnets when not in use.

  • Set of 3 wooden magnets
  • Orange cat featured design
  • Heart shaped magnet, "I Love My CAT"
  • Square magnet, "Life Is Better With CATS"
  • Packaged on metal backer card