Squaredy Cats Plush, Batsy, Limited Edition

(You save $2.00 )

This cute black and white Squaredy Cat is Batsy. See the little bat wings on each side. He might be cute and you are bat fiends forever, but don't cross him or you'll be in the "fiend-zone!"

Embroidered on Batsy's belly is the message: "Fang-Q for being a fiend"

Squaredy Cats are known for having a special message, along with big bushy tails and cute little paws. The squishy cats are named for their 4" x 4" cube shapes. 

Start your new Squaredy Cat collection today! 

  • Batsy Cat design
  • Embroidered message on belly
  • Black and white with pink accents
  • Cube shape, 4" x 4"
  • Soft and squishy
  • Limited edition