Catnip Happy Hour, Feline Fine Champagne Design Toy


Share Happy Hour with your furbaby! This fun wine bottle shape is filled with premium catnip grown in North America. No pesticides or chemicals are used.

The catnip filled toy measures 7" x 2 1/4" and is packaged in a cello bag. Now when you bring a wine gift, you can include one for the kitty!

  • "Champagne" Bottle Design 
  • Filled with Premium Catnip
  • No Pesticides or Chemicals
  • 7" Tall x 2 1/4" Wide
  • Wrapped in Cello
  • Perfect Party Gift 

Why do cats love catnip? Dried catnip has a scent that stimulates receptors when your kitty smells it and it replicates "pheromones". The result gives your cat a sense of euphoria or happiness. Cats will paw at it, rub it, lick it and sometimes chew it. Some cats may have strong reactions and get frisky, growl, purr or generally act crazy for a few minutes. The effect usually wears off after about 10 minutes. 

Catnip is from the mint family and will not harm your cat. Always supervise pets when playing with toys.